Lean UX+DevOps webinar

Continuous Delivery Pipeline to Build an Engaging UX Webinar Agenda: Benefits of Continuous Deployment in delivering engaging UX Problems with monolithic architecture Use of microservices and containers as a solution We often hear about Continuous Delivery and we put it into day-to-day software development. Can we make Continuous Delivery pipeline helpful for building an engaging UX? According [...]

One Test Engineer’s Journey to Usability News & Insights

Usability in reference to any human-made object means ease of using or learning to use that object. Similarly, in context to software applications, usability means ease and clarity with which software can be used by its end users. An application is said to have a good usability if it is: Easy to use Easy to […]

How can Synerzip Help You?

By partnering with Synerzip, clients rapidly scale their engineering team, decrease time to market and save at least 50 percent with our Agile development teams in India.