AI, Machine Learning Influencers Top 20, according to Synerzip News & Insights

Who does Synerzip look to for the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)? We look at a combination of data scientists, researchers, product leads, authors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and professors. These individuals are experts in big data, deep learning, robotics, software development, and user experience. Many of these influencers are founders themselves or work […]

Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing (NLP) News & Insights

Machine Learning is one of the fastest-growing fields and deep learning represents its true bleeding edge. Deep Learning is a new area of research that is getting us closer in achieving one of the primary objectives of Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence. Deep Learning is used widely in the fields of image recognition, Natural Language […]

Lean Hiring Using Machine Learning – Webinar webinar

Searching for great talent today is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Hiring managers are required to go through hundreds of unsuitable resumes before finding one or two that are even suitable. Often, those that “appear” to be suitable may be “hyped up” to hide reality. There is so much waste in the […]

Resume Ranking using Machine Learning – Implementation News & Insights

In an earlier posting we saw how ranking resumes can save time spent by recruiters and hiring managers in the recruitment process. We also saw that it lends itself well to lean hiring by enabling selection of small batch sizes. Experiment – Manually Ranking Resumes We developed a game for ranking resumes by comparing pairs […]

Ranking Resumes using Machine Learning News & Insights

In this article we will see how machine learning can be applied to rank resumes. Quick Summary Its particularly challenging to rank 20 or more resumes even though the ranking is based only on 2 or 3 attributes. Recruiters often skip this step as it tends to be tedious and end up wasting a lot […]

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