Build your own assistant – the Alexa way News & Insights

“Alexa – make me a Pumpkin Spice Latte”. Some years ago, asking a machine to understand a verbal command and perform required actions would have only suited in a movie based on a novel by Isaac Asimov. It’s no miracle today. Machine Learning, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing have really transformed our lives. While […]

Moving Toward Serverless Architecture News & Insights

It only took a few decades for a room-sized computer to fit into our pocket (and with more power).  We’ve also quickly moved from software applications being installed on the computer, to applications being served through the cloud. And now, the need for physical servers is being replaced with virtualization. We’ll take a look at […]

3 Easy Steps to Create Backend Using AWS News & Insights

If you’re an android developer and have published apps in the Google Play store, then creating and delivering an app is no-brainer for you. But imagine you aren’t a developer, and you have a fantastic idea for an app like Instagram or Whatsapp. You’ve already started designing the workflow and are motivated to start working […]

How can Synerzip Help You?

By partnering with Synerzip, clients rapidly scale their engineering team, decrease time to market and save at least 50 percent with our Agile development teams in India.